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Saturday, July 8  Transatlantic flight to Europe

Sunday, July 9: Zurich

    10:00   Fraumünster Church  Service, Tour of Church, Famous Chagall Windows

    12:30   Public Transportation to Burkliplatz and Lunch               

      2:40   Lake Zurich Boat Ride (1 hour)­­

     4:20    Ride the cable car from Adliswil (14 min. from Burkliplatz) to Felsenegg and back

     5:00    Playing Session: Neumünster Church with the former Tonhalle organ                                   

     7:00    Dinner/Free for shopping in the Old Town

Monday, July 10:

    9:00   St. Anton the magnificent late romantic organ (Kuhn 1914): Playing Time and Instruction

   9:00    Day Trip to Mount Titlis in a Cable Car.  Go on the train to Engelberg (change at Lucerne). Walk down to the

              cable car station.

  10:00   4 ½ hr.  Viator Tour ($57.00 bus, cable car and cruise tour City, mountain, Rhine Falls, Lake Zurich)

  10:00   Shopping in the Old Town

  12:00  Free Bike Tour through Zurich

  12:00  Free  Walking Tour

    1:00  Zurich Zoo and Art Museum

    4:00 Grossmünster Church (Metzler 1960): Playing Time and Instruction

    5:30  Sunset Dinner Cruise to Rapperswil  


Tuesday, July 11: St. Urban and Bellelay

    9:30   St. Urban Abbey, Bosshard organ (1721): Playing Time and Instruction

    9:30   30 minute tour St. Urban Abbey, then: on the bus to Lucerne until 1:30 pm

  10:30   Stroll through the Old Town of Lucerne or along the river

  12:00   Lunch at St. Urban    

    2:30   Groups meet at St. Urban and drive to Bellelay Abbey

    3:30   Playing time on the organs of Bellelay Abbey

    3:30   Visit to the historical Cheese Factory of Bellelay and Tete de Moine AOP Museum

    6:00   Leave for Berne

   7:00    Arrive in Berne.  To Hotel City Bahnhof.  Dinner on your own.  

Wednesday, July 12: Berne

    9:00   Eglise Française in Berne (Goll 1991) Playing Session with Instruction

    9:00   Bundesplatz, the Clock Tower, and the Museum of Fine Arts/ or Shop in the Old Town (within walking distance of our hotel)/

    Paul Klee Museum

    1:00    Labeled the best thing to do in Bern: take the tram from the Old Town to Wabern-Gurtenbahn and then the funicular to access Gurten for free with our tourist card which the hotel provides. There are the most incredible views in Switzerland.

Thursday, July 13: Romainmôtier, Aosta

    Morning Travel to Romainmôtier, home of Guy Bovet and the Alain family organ

    Noon Travel to Aosta


Thursday, Jul 13 Aosta, Bergamo

    3:00  arrive Aosta – There are no cars in Aosta, so we will park outside the city and walk into the town. We plan to stop

            near Courmayeur for a short walk to the Val Ferret to enjoy the views of the Italian side of Mont Blanc. If time permits

           we will visit the nearby Chateau St. Pierre, or take a cable car over Mont Blanc.

    5:00    Travel to Bergamo (2 ½ hours)

    7:30    Arrive in Bergamo. Stay in Old Town.  Dinner in Old Town with a stroll in the Piazza Vecchia.

Friday Jul 14:  Bergamo, Padua, Mestre

    8:00    Basilica Alexander Serassi organ 1781 Organist: Fabio Nava (Mass from 9-10)

    8:30    Visit the Old Town

  10:30   Travel to Padua (2 hours)

  12:30   Light Lunch on the bus – Padua

    1:30   Visit the Ruffatti Factory

    1:30   Visit to the Public Square (the largest public square in Italy)

    4:00   Travel to Noale. Playing Session at  the Venetian-style Ruffatti mechanical organ at the church of San Felice and          

               Fortunato in  Noale. The host organist is Silvio Celeghin.

   4:00   Travel to Noale. Walking Tour of Noale

   6:00   Dinner in Noale

   7:30  Travel 30 minutes to Hotel Tritone in Mestre (by Venice) Stay in Mestre (across  from Venice)

Saturday Jul 15: Venice

    8:30   Travel to Venice City Center.  Visit to Organ of Basilica Santa Maria della Salute. One of the most important

               churches In Venice, right across the Grand Canal from St. Mark’s, this instrument was  built by Dacci, a Venetian

               builder at the end of the 18th century.  Recently restored by Ruffatti. The host  organist is Paola Talamini.

    8:30   Travel to Venice City Center.  Venice Walking Tour(customize with FOMS leader)

    8:30   Use Hop-A-Bus pass.  (pass lasts from 8:30-4:00) or (2 day pass - includes cruise)

    1:00   Tour of La Fenice (Venice Opera House)

    1:00   Use Venezia Unica Card (City TransportCard provided to you by FOMS) to visit Doge Palace, 3 museums,

              3 churches, Querini Stampalia    

Sunday Jul 16: Venice

     8:30    Hop-A-Bus Tour or Join a Free Walking Tour

   10:20    Playing Session at San Travaso organ (1775)

   11:45    Playing Session at San Nicolò dei Mendicoli (18th cent.)

     1:00    Lunch at the Taverna di San Trovaso

     3:00   Playing Session at San Giorgio Maggiore (by boat)


Monday Jul 17: Bologna, Florence

    8:00  Travel to Bologna

   9:30   Explore San Petronio Church, the 6th largest church in the world, and Bologna’s main square, the Piazza Maggiore,

 which is right in front of San Petronio

   9:30    Visit to San Petronio Basilica to see two organs.  The oldest Italian organ in operation, Lorenzo da Orato, built in

               1475 and featuring a 32’ façade from ffff; and the Battista Facceti organ, completed in 1596. The organist is Liuwe Tamminga.

 11:00   Travel 1 hour to the beautiful Casa Sola Winery, where we will tour the winery and have lunch.

 12:00   Tour and Lunch at the Casa Sola Winery

   2:30    Leave for Florence (1 hour).

   3:30    Arrive at the Ibis Firenze Nord Aeroporto Hotel.  Each of us has a single room here for 2 nights at no extra charge. Incomparable city of   Florence, capital of Tuscany and “home of the Renaissance and birthplace of our modern world,” (Rick Steves).  Housing the best  Renaissance art in Europe, walking the Florence streets draws one into that magical time long ago when Michelangelo, Leonardo,  Botticelli and other larger than life geniuses walked those same pathways.  Where else can one see Michelangelo’s David, Botticelli’s  Birth of Venus, and the world’s first dome (still dominating the skyline) in one day and in one place.      

   4:30  Walking Tour of Florence (Uffizi Gallery is open until 10 pm)      

Tuesday Jul 18:  Florence

   8:30  Choice of:  Walking Tour with visits to the Pitti Palace and the Uffizi Gallery

   8:30  Hop-on-Hop-off Bus

 12:00  Play the organ of the Duomo

   2:30  3 hrs. -play the 2 organs of San Lorenzo (the 2 most interesting organs in Florence)

   2:30  Visit to San Lorenzo (where Michelangelo sculpted the Medicis tomb)  

Wednesday Jul 19

    8:00    Travel to Rome (3 hrs.) - [coach]

  11:00   Arrive at Arrive at Hotel Mercure Corso Trieste

  12:00   4 Hour Playing Session at Santa Maria Maggiore

  12:00   Walking/Subway Tour of Rome (made up of your requests)

  12:00   Hop-on-Hop-off bus Free entrances and Skip the Line

    9:00   Tosca  Summer Opera at the  Baths of Caracalla

Thursday Jul 20: Rome

   9:00    Tour of Vatican Museums and  Sistine Chapel


   1:00   Everyone: Playing Session and Visit at Saint Peters (1 ½ - 2 hours) Premier of Charles Ore’s Kyrie

   4:00   Visit to Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill

Friday  July 21: Rome

    9:00   Play at Santa Maria Maddalena

    9:00   Board a Jump-On-Jump-Off Bus  for a day of Sight-Seeing 

    1:00   Play 3 hours at  San Luigi dei Francesi (St-Louis-des-Francais (Historical Merklin)+ 3 famous Carvaggio paintings

             (Daniel Matrone is Organist) Church  is close to the Baroque Center and is one of the principal sight-seeing

              attractions in Rome

   6:00    Board shuttle from the hotel to the airport for Paris flight

   7:00    Free night in Rome for those going back to the U.S. tomorrow

   8:30    Paris participants board Easy Jet for the flight to Rome

 10:00   Arrive Paris/shuttle to Hotel Mercure Terminus Nord


Saturday, July 22: Paris

   10:00   VERSAILLES – French Classical organs with Francois Espinasse / OR Tour Versailles (Free entrance)


               ROYAUMONT – Cavaille Coll organ with Yannick Merlin and Beatrice Piertot

     2:00   Group Visit to the Louvre with skip-the-line tickets

     5:00    Possible FOMS Participants Concert at St. Severin

    7:45    St-Sulpice (organ of Widor and Dupré) with Daniel Roth or Private Lessons

      Possible Playing Time

    8:00   Notre Dame Organ Concert or Private Lessons

  10:00  Sacre Coeur – in organ loft with Marghieri

Sunday Jul 23       

  10:00          Church Service, Notre Dame - ND Group 1 (Vincent Dubois)

  10:30          Mass in the Organ Loft at Sacre Coeur with G. Marghieri

  11:30          Concert at St. Sulpice with Daniel Roth

  11:30          Mass in the Organ Loft at Notre Dame with Vincent Dubois - ND Group 2

  12:45          Mass in the Organ Loft at Notre Dame with Vincent Dubois - ND Group 3

  12:30          Tour de France:  Champs des Elysees

12:30 - 2:30  Master Class on Bach at St-Louis-en-Ille

  2:30 - 4:00  Free Playing at St. Severin with Instruction

  4:00 - 5:00  Practice for those playing recital

    5:30          FOMS Recital at St. Severin

    5:45          Notre Dame Vespers (Dubois)

    6:30          Notre Dame Mass (Dubois)

    8:00          Notre Dame des Champs – Free Playing Time (possible:  Robilliard)

Monday Jul 24   

  8:30 - 10:00    Free Playing at La Madeleine (organ of Saint-Saëns) with Frederic Blanc


10:00 - 12:00    St. Vincennes – Improvisation Class with Gabriel Marghieri (has Tournemire’s keyboards from Ste-Clotilide).

The church is classified as a Monument historique.


    10:00        Master Class with Beatrice Piertot and Yannick Merlin at Notre Dame des Champs

    12:00        sandwiches at Notre Dame des Champs

    12:30        Master Class with Daniel Roth at Notre Dame des Champs

    *1:30        Concert Duo Merlin at Notre Dame des Champs

      2:15        Interview with Daniel Roth

 4:00-5:15   St-Gervais:  Elise Friot - Groups 1 & 2

 5:15-6:30   St-Gervais:  Elise Friot - Groups 3 & 4

    7:00         Durufle Apartment

    8:00         Durufle Apartment: Master Class with Frederic Blanc

Tuesday  Jul 25

     9:00             Thomas La Côte at La Trinité (church of Guilmant, Messiaen, and Hakim) – presentation of new book on

                              Messiaen, which has some shocking revelations!  Playing time – Guilmant and Messiaen

   10:00            Visit the Monet Gardens in Giverny ($50)

 11:00 - 1:00    Private Lesson with Frederic Blanc

    1:00             Master Class with Thomas Ospital on Improvisation at St-Eustache

    3:30             Master Class on Repertoire with Thomas Ospital at St-Eustache  (former church of Jean Guillou)

    7:30             Presentation and  Master Class on Improvisation with Thierry Escaich at St-Etienne-du-Mont

                        (Durufle’s Church)

Wednesday  Jul 26

    10:00    Excursion to St. Ouen, Rouen ($20)

   11:30    Lunch

     2:00    Rouen -Playing time

     4:30    Leave Rouen, arrive in Paris at 6 pm.  Free night.

     7:45    Dinner Cruise on Seine with Merlin and Piertot , Ospital, Roth




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Please Note Some of the sight-seeing activities may incur additional expenses or fees.

PRIVATE LESSONS may be arranged with:

Yannick Merlin

Francois Espinasse

Frederic Blanc

Gabriel Marghieri

Benjamin Alard

Thomas Ospital

Elise Friot

Thomas La Côte

Beatrice Piertot