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Name_____________________________________________________ Male ____ Female _____
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Roommate__________________________________ (assigned if blank)  Single Room _____

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Email _____________________________  Phone: _____________________

Check the Seminar(s) of your choice.

Option 1 Switzerland, Italy and France  Jul 9 - Jul 27  Participant_____ Friend_____ Student_____

  (Leaving morning of July 27)

Option 2 Switzerland and Italy                Jul 9 - Jul 22   Participant_____ Friend_____ Student_____

   (Leaving morning of July 22)

  Option 3 Italy and France                         Jul 13 - Jul 27  Participant_____ Friend_____ Student_____

  (Leaving morning of July 27)

Individual seminar A: Switzerland           Jul 9 - Jul 13   Participant_____ Friend_____ Student_____

  (Leaving morning of July 13)

Individual seminar B: Italy                       Jul 13 - Jul 22   Participant_____ Friend_____ Student_____

   (Leaving morning of July 22)

Individual seminar C: France                  Jul 22 - Jul 27   Participant_____ Friend_____ Student_____

   (Leaving morning of July 27)

Students I am a student, age ___, birthday ____/___/_____. I would like a scholarship, and will be submitting the required materials

by January 15 ___ .      Inquire about receiving college credit.

Teachers I am a teacher and will be bringing ______ student(s). Receive a FOMS discount by bringing two or more students.

Contact your school about paying a part or all of your student’s expenses.

Scholarships Contribute for the sake of the organ and future generations of organists!

The scholarship fund exists only for full-time organ students 28 or under at the time of FOMS.

All contributors receive certificates of appreciation suitable for framing. Contributors $300 and above

will receive additional gifts and privileges from FOMS.  Check one:

I will be a Friend ($50)__ Supporter ($75)___  Donor ($150)___  Angel ($300)___  Archangel ($500)___

The directors of FOMS assume no responsibility or liability in conjunction with any seminar function. Participants will be responsible for all uncontrollable factors. The directors reserve the right to alter the itinerary, cancel the seminars, or change prices should the conditions warrant or the number of participants be insufficient, or raise prices based on exchange rates. Nor are the directors of FOMS responsible for any injury, loss, sickness, accident, death, or other irregularity which may occur in connection with any seminar service or function.

I certify that I have no handicap that would physically impair my ability to walk moderate distances and to climb stairs. I understand that no refunds can be given after May 15, 2017.


Fill out the registration form and mail with a $300 non-refundable registration fee (which will be applied to the total cost). No refund will be given after May 15, 2017.  We encourage participants to purchase travel insurance.

Mail Registration and Deposit payable to:

French Organ Music Seminar

c/o Masako Gaskin, Director

5265 Stardust Drive,  Beaumont, Texas 77706

For more information:


or call (409) 896-2111