Seminar since 1986

Since 1986 the French Organ Music Seminar has featured study seminars in Paris and other locations where participants hear and play some of the world's most magnificent instruments and receive instruction in the form of master classes, lectures, and performances from renowned organ teachers.

These seminars are planned for organists and organ lovers of all proficiency levels, and include performance practice, history, registration, and improvisation pertinent to the music being studied.

Although we return to many of the most popular locations, each seminar is different - with new instructors, organs, and topics.  During the playing time we ask that suitable music for that instrument be played.  Larger works are welcome,  but there  may not be time for them to be played in their entirety. Short, colorful pieces are very good for showing the various timbres of the solo stops, celestes, and small stop combinations, and provide a welcome contrast to loud  works.  Participants will be divided into groups as needed, with group leaders,  to ensure playing time for everyone at each instrument.  Additional small group lessons are available for those who want more time.

Walking is extensive, so bring your walking shoes. In Paris, we use the subway system, which contains long flights of stairs.  In addition, there are stairways to all of the organ lofts, many of which are narrow.

If you have trouble walking or standing, please indicate when registering.  For an extra fee a car service can be arranged.

What is the French Organ Music Seminar?